Easy Transit 🚌

Roles and Responsibilities

Easy Transit is a mobile Application designed to help users navigate through the city of Washington & State using Public Transportation

Providing a seamless user experience that meets the needs of its target audience. This involves conducting user research, designing the user interface, testing and iterating on the design.



The target audience for Easy Transit is commuters and residents in Washington & State who rely on public transportation to get around the city.


Washington & State has a complex public transportation system with multiple bus routes and schedules. Commuters and tourists often struggle to find the right bus routes and schedules to get to their destinations on time.


Easy Transit provides a simple and intuitive solution to help users navigate the city's public transportation system with ease. The app features a user-friendly interface that enables users to find the nearest bus stops, view bus schedules, and plan their routes based on their current location. The app also includes real-time bus tracking!

Discovery and Research

Summary of Research Methods

  • Results from 20 participants
    (20 / 26 who took survey used public transportation)
    Deployed survey on Facebook, Instagram, and direct emails
    Selected 3 pre screened users from survey
    Interviewed them to gain deeper insight and identify common pain points survey results

  • Top 3 Pain Points:
    Inaccurate GPS
    Lack of notifications/ unexpected delays
    Inaccurate transit schedule

  • 20/20 users that stated they rarely ride the bus would be more likely to if there was an app that helped them
    12/20 of users ranked "bus times" as very important
    5/20 of users ranked "bus stops near me" as important or very important
    3/20 of users ranked "offline capabilities" as either important or very important

Competitive Analysis

I conducted a thorough competitive analysis by testing three leading transit mobile applications currently available in the market:
TransitApp, Moovit, and Citymapper. To see more Details about the competitive analysis click here.

survey results and comparing transit apps
survey results and comparing transit apps
bus rider woman
bus rider woman

User Personas

To to create reliable and realistic representations of my key audience segments, I crafted User Personas based on the results from my previous research.

User Stories

Using Agile methodology I created User stories which will help with each user's end goal therefore it's easier to stay in scope.


User stories
User stories

User Flows

I created a visual representation of how the user moves through the mobile app and shows what happens at each step along the way. Click here to see more details about Easy Transit APP User flow

user flows bus rider 1 and bus rider 2
user flows bus rider 1 and bus rider 2

Paper Prototypes and Digital Wireframes

After creating User flows I started working on different ideas that will lead to a Clickable Prototype

paper prototype
paper prototype

Usability Testing and Iteration

Based on the inputs, recommendations and the challenges faced by the users during the usability testing. we made a few notes to make the necessary changes in my design to create the final prototype

UI Design Easy Transit app
UI Design Easy Transit app
Digital Wireframes
Digital Wireframes
bus rider 2 man
bus rider 2 man

Brand Development

Created an Image for the Easy Transit mobile app

Iterations Bus app
Iterations Bus app

Image #1 UI modified to show a more detailed map with real time bus tracking and highlighted route.

Image #2 UI modified to show live feed with schedule times and favorite routes that have been saved.

bus iterations
bus iterations


After designing the user interface and creating digital wireframes, I moved to creating and refining a clickable Prototype.

Tools: Figma, Uizard and Maps.


Learning the importance of brainstorming and conducting research while putting those insights into design. All of the work before creating deliverables are extremely important, this process helps the designing phase to have a great foundation, and will allow the creation of a better product later on.

Final Thoughts